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Dedicated Management Consulting

We offer our services on hourly, project, or account basis.


Many business owners think they, on their own, know and can make proper decisions about most everything for their business — mostly, a simple strategy to maintain control and keep the costs down, but not the smartest way to ensure long-term relevance and success. Eventually, they get stuck working much longer hours than their employees, become more alienated and less transparent about their real challenges, avoid taking proper breaks away from work to recharge … impulsive, arbitrary decisions about the business and missing/avoiding opportunities will be the results of resistance to change, chronic fatigue, and weariness with the hours.


As a business owner, you are expected to come up with majority of great ideas and make most all major decisions. When a competitor emerges, it will be your responsibility to come up with a response plan; when your team hits an impenetrable obstacle, your job will be to come up with an alternative plan to move forward; when business seems to be stagnating, it is your magics which must illuminate the road and energize the rest …


These demand on-the-spot creative thinking — an oxymoron since entrepreneurs rarely have the luxury of time.
KrioCorp consultants are a phone call away.
KrioCorp strives to provide entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners with creative marketing, public relations, and dedicated Management consulting services.
What to expect at your free initial consultation
Prior to this session, you may choose to provide us with few brief and basic facts:
  • Your business products and/or services.
  • The markets your business operates within.
  • Your primary competition.
  • Your current or short-term business challenges.
  • The business issues at hand.
  • Business objectives, short and long-term.

This will create your initial portfolio summary for us.

In order to have an effective initial meeting with you, we will gather some helpful and relevant information based on your initial portfolio. Typically, unless directed otherwise by you, this session will focus on the following main topics to explore their relevance to your business, your challenges, and business issues at hand:


Focus can be on various subjects such as management, processes, purchasing practices, vendor relations, marketing, offered services (if any), …

Our probing experts can identify and review vital practices of your business to explore and discover the existence of some diverse forms of “waste”. They will then provide you with an analysis of what items need to be corrected and how. Their attentions will always initially be on the “low-hanging fruits”. They, at all times, will have multiple factors in mind, your bottom profit, your business financial longevity, your image in the market, and your business reputation.

Identify Vital Projects & Their Initial Requirements

Process-Oriented Quality Improvements

Focus usually will be on the management, internal processes, offered services (if any)

Our detail-oriented and process-oriented consultants can help you improve the quality and outputs of your processes. We will assist you so you can make the right decisions and improve the overall health of your business. We will listen to you and be your trusted confidant but we will also be honest and provide you with logical answers.

Our seasoned experts will meet with you as needed to gather information, discover problems and offer analysis and solutions. We want to drive your business forward.

Topic-Specific Consulting

Account Retention
Change Management
Employee Empowerment
Customer Service

General Project Management

KrioCorp offers general project management services. We participate in the project’s definition activities, will assume the vetting and selection of the needed professionals, and will manage the project to its completion. An example of such a project can be the highly needed effective presence in social media space.


KrioCorp offers Creative Marketing consulting solutions. Our services are suited for most all types of clients, regardless of size and revenue, ranging from small and mid-size companies to single professionals and entrepreneurs.

What to expect at your initial consultation appointment

Prior to the initial consultation, you will be asked to provide few brief and basic facts about:

  • Your business products and/or services.
  • The markets your business operates within.
  • Your primary competition.
  • Your current and short-term marketing goals.
  • Your current marketing plans.
  • Marketing objective(s).

This will create your initial portfolio for us.

In order to have an effective initial meeting with you, we will gather and analyze few relevant information according to your initial portfolio. Typically, unless directed otherwise by you, this session will focus on the following subjects to explore their relevance to your business marketing and your challenges at hand:

  • Sales Training
  • Internet Marketing
  • Local Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Event Production
  • Public Relations
  • Networking Training
  • Networking


At Kriocorp, our master event planner, Shani Moslehi coordinates all aspects of your event. We have experience in planning, organizing and managing various corporate events from inception to production.

  • Seminars, Conferences, Educational Sessions
  • Trade Shows
  • Expositions
  • Executive Retreats
  • Appreciation Events
  • Company or Organization Milestone Events
  • Incentive & Team Building Events
  • Product/Brand Launch Events
  • Large Scale Corporate/Community Events
  • Board Member/Association Meetings
  • Ribbon Cutting/Grand Opening Ceremonies


Shani Moslehi is an accomplished corporate event planner with over 15 years of experience in corporate and large scale event planning, design, and production. Her previous experiences have been in sports (OC Blues USL Men’s Team), entertainment (multiple concerts and plays at Barclay and Soka Performing Arts Center), technology (expo at the UCI Cove, Applied Innovation Center), health (expo at Alzheimer’s OC with medical doctors and a neuroscientist as speakers), beauty (expo promoting a brand in facial products with speakers and sponsors), and consumer market (an international expo at the Hotel Irvine with 160 exhibitors and more than 5000 attendees), and wedding industry (is where she started her journey by producing multiple Happy Hour bridal shows and later the Newport Beach Wedding shows covering diverse wedding vendors and held at various high-end venues in OC) . She can manage the logistics and planning of large scale events from conception to completion.

Shani creates corporate events that wow the senses, create unforgettable experiences. She stays with the budget and vision for your event.

Whether it’s venue selection, client appreciation gifts, entertainments, and more, we have a signature process that brings it all together. We can plan and manage both the logistics and marketing of your event to ensure your brand recognition becomes priority one.

Event Planning & Design

Need help coming up with an event theme? Specific branding for your theme while incorporating your business’s branding guidelines? We do that!

Event Management

We can help with as much, or as little, as you need. We will see your event all the way through and make sure it is the best it can be!


  • Venue Sourcing
  • Contract Execution
  • Budget Management
  • Event Timeline
  • Registration Site
  • Attendee Communications
  • Audio Visual Management
  • Event Mobile App
  • Food & Beverage Selections
  • Transportation
  • Speaker/Entertainment Sourcing
  • On-Site Support

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